how to thrift shop

There are a lot of great pieces in my closet which I’ve found at second hand stores over the years. When someone asks me where it’s from, my response is usually met with a pang of frustration and often the declaration that the individual asking can never find anything good at Value Village. If that feels like you, read […]

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longer layers 

                I’ve been seeing long layers all over the place lately in fashion! Midi is definitely competing with the mini for attention this fall, and even the top layers have longer hemlines this season. I was getting all this inspiration at the same time I realized that a bunch of dresses I […]

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lightweight layers

                In the scorching summer heat it can sometimes be a struggle to put together an outfit. The hotter it is less I want to deal with fussy clothes and the harder it is to create outfits I want to wear. So start with a simple white dress that floats around you […]

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white denim

Sometimes the sun is shinning, spring is in the air and it is time to bust out the white jeans! I know wearing white pants can be daunting because they are not always flattering. Or, if you’re a klutz like me you also worry about getting them dirty. However, there is definitely something bold about […]

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