Hard to believe this week is Christmas! You can barely tell by the weather, which has stayed pretty mild here in Van. Back home in Toronto I hear it’s going to be 13 degrees on the 24th, which makes an outfit like this about all you need this holiday season. I love layering […]

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leather jacket weather

      A leather jacket is the most versatile outerwear pieces in my wardrobe. If you want the real thing it will set you back a bit, but it truly is a staple for me pretty much year round. I personally love this biker type style and find it wears well with just about everything. […]

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      Just sharing a super simple basic look for fall. Leggings for pants may be a topic for debate, but this pair in ultra suede I actually feel comfortable wearing alone. They are quite thick and have more structure than your typical cotton legging. I have the same pair in faux leather and they […]

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singing in the rain

Vancouver is a very rainy city. We get to enjoy a temperate climate at the cost of many downpours, but as much as I worship the sun, the rain doesn’t bother me too much. This little umbrella lives in my purse for days like today. I find the practise of keeping one on you at […]

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dressing for the weather

I am definitely guilty of severely underdressing for the weather. Being one step ahead on the seasons in your fashion choices may be exciting (wearing new spring clothing!!!) but, if you’re freezing your but off your probably won’t look or feel your best. So while the weather here has been amazing, I’ve been trying to […]

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leather leggings

I’ve had these leggings for 4 years. When I first bought them I felt a little self conscious wearing full leather pants, but since fashion has been embracing the material for years now they’ve stayed in regular rotation. If you can’t tell, I really adore this sweater. I probably should have bought it in another […]

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