Mock Neck

         You know I love my turtlenecks, but there is a certain amount of fussing around that goes with them. Is the cowl folded over right? Does this look like a neck brace? That kind of thing. No such problems with a mock neck top like this! Although the last time I wore […]

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            Some of my favourite looks are totally devoid of colour like this one. Grey and black are just so easy to pull together and if you do it right with unexpected textures or details you can sill stand out without any bold hues. These grey boots are probably the best example […]

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                  Some days it’s good to just be cozy and warm. Those are days for flannel shirts, silky jersey tops and jeans with a lot of stretch in them. Put on some sunglasses to cover those tired eyes and go!  I love a good plaid and this one has been kicking around […]

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major blazer 

                Nothing makes an outfit feel more official than a good blazer! Even something casual like this denim skirt and sneaker combo gets a little polish when paired with a more formal jacket. I’ve been seeing these button front skirts everywhere and am glad I picked this one up a few months […]

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denim cut offs 

               Jean shorts are a summer staple. Dark, distressed, frayed, cuffed, high waisted or low, there is a denim short out there to suit every outfit and personality. I find I go towards lighter denim shorts and have always loved the unfinished hem on a pair of cut offs.  Pair with a […]

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simply simple

  Clean lines and basic pieces can be easy, versatile and stylish. As I begin to pack for my trip, I am visualizing a whole suitcase full of simple looks like this one I can mix and match or transition from day to night. I always pack too much, and never even wear half of it. […]

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singing in the rain

Vancouver is a very rainy city. We get to enjoy a temperate climate at the cost of many downpours, but as much as I worship the sun, the rain doesn’t bother me too much. This little umbrella lives in my purse for days like today. I find the practise of keeping one on you at […]

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graphic tee

I don’t own a lot of t-shirts, but this one from the guys section at Value Village is just oversized and long enough. It was actually warm enough today to wear this. No sweater! I paired the t-shirt with a blazer and heels to make it a bit less causal. Plus it’s all black and […]

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