the cold shoulder 

         I have quite the collection of oversized or thick sweaters which I love to wear, but can’t fit comfortably under jackets. That’s a must for this time of year, when even a warm knit is not good enough on its own to stand up to the temperatures we’ve been having. Lucky for […]

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going grey

    I love how chic and simple monotone looks are, so when I picked up this coat I decided to put one together using it as the main attraction. I know most girls are pros at wearing all black, but more and more I have been seeing all white, tan or grey outfits. I think […]

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play it again

      Often, I get so caught up with a piece of clothing I just keep finding ways to wear it. This has been the case with the new sleeveless knit I blogged about in my last post. It is so cozy I  have not wanted to take it off, so I basically haven’t. I […]

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