mad maxi 

                          I have never before found a maxi that actually reached to the floor on me, usually the fabric is just flapping around my ankles. Not a good look! Much to my surprise, I actually have to wear heels with this one, which is probably why it […]

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mixing patterns

                Today I took my addiction to stripes one step further and made life a little more interesting by doubling up the prints in this outfit. I always admire looks where people have mixed prints without going overboard, but don’t often attempt it myself. The easiest way to do this is by choosing the same […]

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appropriately nautical

I had a pretty busy morning! Woke up and went to the gym, but while I was gone my boyfriend pulled something in his back. It was bad enough for an emergency chiro and doctor’s appointment. Had to get dressed pretty quickly and then off to Steveston, a little fishing community in Richmond, BC. It’s […]

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