déjà vu

                Wearing my boyfriend jeans again! These pants are so comfortable. I especially love them paired with a dressier top, and this simple button down from Aritzia does the job nicely. Tucking it in gives a little bit of shape to the outfit. And heels! Can’t do a good boyfriend jean without […]

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forever in blue jeans 

                  I’ve been looking for a good pair of boyfriend jeans for the past few months, but nothing stood out until I found these Levi’s. However, in order to find them I made the mistake of going to the new Designer Outlets at YVR on opening day. It was packed and traffic […]

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mad maxi 

                          I have never before found a maxi that actually reached to the floor on me, usually the fabric is just flapping around my ankles. Not a good look! Much to my surprise, I actually have to wear heels with this one, which is probably why it […]

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lbd summer edition 

           I like to keep it simple in the summertime, often choosing to just throw on a dress and call it a day. This dress is the same a-line cut I keep turning to this season. I like how breezy the loose shape is for summer and I feel like I can wear a shorter skirt […]

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cross body

I have been in love with the Celine Nano Luggage bag since I first laid eyes on it, however the price is a bit above my comfort zone. Especially since I am enjoying this vacation so much, it puts spending into a different context…bag or another trip? Looking for an alternative but not a replica, […]

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riva del garda

The largest lake in Italy is a lovely place to be, and though it is very touristy I have not seen or heard any other North Americans here. My boyfriend (Kelly) came to Riva Del Garda for 1 day on a bike trip and fell in love with the lake, Aperol spritzes and the sunshine. […]

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date night

This is what I wore last night for an impromptu date night. Neither of us felt like cooking, so I got into this flowy dress and out of my work clothes as fast as I could and we were off to Cactus Club. Home and in bed by 9:30pm. Why do days feel so long […]

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what to wear between seasons

The weather today was all over the place. Sunny, rainy, hailing even. Nothing like the glorious days of sunshine we had earlier in the week! It is on days like today I am at loss of what to wear. Always the optimist, I tend to be underdressed. A friend in Toronto once described our shared […]

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it’s all white

You’ve already seen me rock these white, ripped up jeans here but I’ve been seeing a lot of all white looks out there for spring and wanted to wear my own today. I mentioned in the last post I often pair these pants with a longer, loose shirt as I have done here. I decided […]

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white denim

Sometimes the sun is shinning, spring is in the air and it is time to bust out the white jeans! I know wearing white pants can be daunting because they are not always flattering. Or, if you’re a klutz like me you also worry about getting them dirty. However, there is definitely something bold about […]

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