pumped up kicks 

             I love the first few days of new shoes, especially brand new white sneakers. Fresh out of the box they are so bright and perfect! These are my new favourites. Because they are leather I sprayed them and hopefully can break my pair/year white converse cycle. Gonna try so hard to keep […]

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Athleisure is a recently coined term to describe the wash of athletic clothing in every area of life. Wearing typical workout clothes for everyday pursuits may not sound ground breaking (particularly in Vancouver) but it is growing in popularity. Probably because this look is so comfortable to wear! Top: Aritzia, Sweater: Forever 21, Pants: VS […]

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Athletic clothing has long been spilling into everyday wear, particularly in a fit city like Vancouver. The main way I enjoy this trend is by wearing sneakers whenever possible. These shoes are kind of like grown up Vans, and majorly comfortable.   I kept it simple up top with a striped dress (seen before here) […]

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