boyfriend denim and heels

      I often find the outfits with the least thought and work put into them to be the most enjoyable. There is a reason why basics are the foundation of any solid wardrobe – they make getting ready quick, easy and chic. This look features a few of my favourites. Nothing is more simple […]

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scandinavian minimalism

I have noticed since being in Denmark that most of the women and girls wear all black, all the time. Not sure if it’s just the town I’m in, but there isn’t a whole lot of colourful clothing, patterns or florals here! That paired with the modern ikea furnished apartment we’ve rented inspired this simple, […]

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simply simple

  Clean lines and basic pieces can be easy, versatile and stylish. As I begin to pack for my trip, I am visualizing a whole suitcase full of simple looks like this one I can mix and match or transition from day to night. I always pack too much, and never even wear half of it. […]

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