simply simple

  Clean lines and basic pieces can be easy, versatile and stylish.¬†As I begin to pack for my trip, I am visualizing a whole suitcase full of simple looks like this one I can mix and match or transition from day to night. I always pack too much, and never even wear half of it. […]

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denim skirt

Sometimes I get fashion inspiration from blogs, magazines and clothing stores, but a lot of the time I also see girls around the city who are doing it so right and get ideas from them. Last week at work another manager and I helped a young woman who was wearing a light denim skirt, which […]

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mirror images

I finally got my new sunglasses! I was all over getting the mirrored aviators, but then decided at the last second to get more rounded ones. Glad I did. Today wasn’t as quite lovely as yesterday, but the sunshine still came out from behind the clouds for a little while! Nothing fancy about denim on […]

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