spring layering

            I bought a new coat last November, and I can honestly say I loved wearing it. I felt chic, happy and warm every time I put it on this winter.  Then all of that changed this month! With the sun shinning and blossoms popping up all over the place, I cannot […]

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mind the gap

            As a teenager and young adult I was never afraid of showing a little skin. I worked for American Apparel from age 17 – 20, and the brand  image (plus being surrounded by pretty young things dressing likewise) certainly cemented in me a very bold attitude about what I wore. After a […]

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vacation mode

           How can anyone be in a bad mood when it’s 28 degrees outside in February? Though I know this is not the seasonal norm in Santa Barbara- I am making the most of it. Our hotel has an amazing pool where I spent the afternoon, but this morning I busied myself shopping […]

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             I’ve always been one of those people who falls into a bit of a fashion cycle. Or maybe a recycle? I get into a routine of wearing the same things for a few days, especially when I don’t have work or many plans. Usually these outfits are comfy, simple and fairly […]

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longer layers 

                I’ve been seeing long layers all over the place lately in fashion! Midi is definitely competing with the mini for attention this fall, and even the top layers have longer hemlines this season. I was getting all this inspiration at the same time I realized that a bunch of dresses I […]

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                  Some days it’s good to just be cozy and warm. Those are days for flannel shirts, silky jersey tops and jeans with a lot of stretch in them. Put on some sunglasses to cover those tired eyes and go!  I love a good plaid and this one has been kicking around […]

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   It always makes me a little nostalgic for childhood when something like overall shorts come back into fashion. While these are certainly not my full length corduroy overalls I wore for grade two picture day, the clipping in remains the same. The key for me to not feeling like a little kid is pairing […]

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             Another day another open button down! This time I picked a chiffon top from American Apparel. I’ve had it for years, and when I worked for them I pretty much wore this top or the same in white everyday.  Normally I am all for loose pieces so it’s a good contrast for this fitted […]

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and the sun is shining

Hard to believe it’s supposed to be winter around here! I’ve been wearing different variations of the same thing the past few posts. It’s nothing new! No matter how much clothing I have, I seem to rotate through a few outfits at a time. Because of that, I have been trying to build a more […]

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