what to wear between seasons

The weather today was all over the place. Sunny, rainy, hailing even. Nothing like the glorious days of sunshine we had earlier in the week! It is on days like today I am at loss of what to wear. Always the optimist, I tend to be underdressed. A friend in Toronto once described our shared […]

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singing in the rain

Vancouver is a very rainy city. We get to enjoy a temperate climate at the cost of many downpours, but as much as I worship the sun, the rain doesn’t bother me too much. This little umbrella lives in my purse for days like today. I find the practise of keeping one on you at […]

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all grey everything

Sometimes the weather is so bleak you don’t even want to try to compete with it. So throw on a tonal grey outfit and blend into the rainstorm. Real spring sunshine must be coming soon… Dress and sweater: Aritzia Shoes: Converse

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not quite spring

Right now Vancouver is trapped between winter and spring. It’s been 10 – 13 degrees almost every day but super rainy. Those temperatures with some sunshine would mean certain spring, but without it you can still catch a bit of a chill. While this is definitely a summer time dress, paired with thigh highs, tall […]

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