vacation ready 

            Those of you who follow along on Instagram may know I had a trip planned to Denmark and Italy at the end of April. My boyfriend has been training for a cycling race over there since last year, which was unfortunately cancelled last week. After weighing all our options, we opted […]

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how much is too much?

Accessories are a double edged sword. Without them your look can simply be forgettable, but pile them on and you look cluttered or just like you’re trying too hard. In fashion time changes everything, but the perfect balance of baubles and frills has been hotly debated for decades. Coco Chanel herself supposedly issued the advice […]

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mad hatter

                     I am still in love with wide brimmed hats. As summer begins winding down I am slowing pieceing together a wardrobe that will take me into fall/winter, and a solid camel hat was on my wish list.  I own a few similar hats from fast fashion stores, but I found […]

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