sexy back 

   There is just something special about a seemingly office appropriate dress that surprises you with a fantastic cut out back. I’m all about multi-use, and this dress takes me from work (with a sleeveless blazer) right into dinner or drinks without batting an eyelash. It’s lady-like but also a little flirty. The pattern even […]

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good day sunshine

It officially feels like spring this week! The sun is shinning and for the first time all year I wasn’t even a touch cold with bare legs. I’m sitting on my patio in the sun typing this – it feels so luxurious. Summer is my favorite time of year, and even just leaving work when […]

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sweater weather

      Right now is the weird twilight zone between seasons where you see pedestrians in everything from shorts and flip flops to winter coats. It’s freaking freezing in the morning and as soon as the sun goes down, but mid day and in the right light it’s almost like summer is still around. I’ve […]

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baby doll

          Another hot day in Vancouver and another breezy baby doll dress to twirl away the day in. I have been putting this look together a lot and it’s only the first week of June! I am not usually one to wear navy, but this dress with a 70’s inspired print caught my eye. It’s lightweight […]

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lace trim

I have to wear all black to work and sometimes it gets boring. That being said I layer this over another skirt to make it a more work appropriate length. Also helps that it’s a soft knit sweater that keeps me nice and warm. But I love the lace detail. Just pretty enough to deserve […]

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