stress shopping

                       There is something magic about pumps that even these low block heels can still make me feel wonderfully feminine. Maybe it’s just the classic shape (or the fact that I’ve stepped away from it in favour of booties, sneakers and wedges the past few years) but I am […]

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         Every year it seems more of my wardrobe than ever is geared towards work clothes. While I love (and need!) great professional options, it can get a bit monotonous to focus solely on that one aspect of my life. When I was a single young thing, I had a solid collection of tops […]

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looking back on 2015

What a  year it has been! January marks 1 year on pantsthatsuck, and I thought I would take this moment to look back through some of the outfits I’ve featured in that time. It’s a strange and wonderful thing to have a catalogue of pretty much everything you wore for 365 days, and to be […]

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comfort and style

                Two of the most important things while I’m getting dressed. Although I love some looks that aren’t the most wearer friendly, I don’t often opt for putting something on I don’t feel good in. That’s why you see me on here in a lot of sneakers, booties and oversized everything. The […]

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the cold shoulder 

         I have quite the collection of oversized or thick sweaters which I love to wear, but can’t fit comfortably under jackets. That’s a must for this time of year, when even a warm knit is not good enough on its own to stand up to the temperatures we’ve been having. Lucky for […]

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black tights 

       Sometimes the weather forces me to make a few outfit compromises. With the main one in winter being wearing tights. I generally prefer bare legs and hate the constant possibility of tearing my panty hose, and the annoying way it bunches or cuts in at the waist. Regardless of these setbacks, there comes […]

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boyfriend denim and heels

      I often find the outfits with the least thought and work put into them to be the most enjoyable. There is a reason why basics are the foundation of any solid wardrobe – they make getting ready quick, easy and chic. This look features a few of my favourites. Nothing is more simple […]

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