making culottes casual

         Although I love these pants (and they are as comfy as wearing sweats!) I had mainly been using them as work attire until now. I like to think I invest in versatile pieces, so it was time to build them into something more casual this past long weekend. Plaid is a great […]

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knit culottes

         I think I found something more comfortable than sweats…these knitted culottes are amazing. I keep referring to them as “leg sweaters” which maybe isn’t the most flattering but is pretty accurate. They may be cropped, but since they’re made of merino wool they are still nice and cozy. My one word of advice […]

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being on trend

                 I sometimes struggle with trends. I love fashion, but I don’t want to be a slave to it. Usually when something new is booming in popularity, I try to avoid it for long enough gauge my actual feelings. I would rather be fashionably late to the party than rush in […]

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