sweater weather

      Right now is the weird twilight zone between seasons where you see pedestrians in everything from shorts and flip flops to winter coats. It’s freaking freezing in the morning and as soon as the sun goes down, but mid day and in the right light it’s almost like summer is still around. I’ve […]

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nike free

I have been thinking about buying these shoes for what feels like forever. I love the way they work in a variety of outfits to make your look more sporty and causal. I also work out in a old, very bright pair so I know the fit and feel works for me. I have been […]

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knits and stripes

I feel like spring is right around the corner! Boat necks are one of my faves, and this sweater is one of the best. A co-worker had one and when I saw her in it, I had to have one of my own! Some of my favourite pieces have come into my closet that way. […]

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