this is how I got over my fear

If there’s one thing that may surprise you, it’s how shy I am in front of a camera. Or rather, in front of other people holding a camera! For the past few years I’ve been chief model, photographer (via tripod), writer and editor of this blog. I love having complete creative control, but it almost means I’ve never gotten over being a shy film subject.

Wanting to grow the blog and work with bigger brands, I know I can’t stay a total newbie in front of the camera. This past weekend I had the opportunity to face my fears, so I forced myself to give it a go. There were some moments I felt embarrassed or shy, but it was actually a lot of fun. The photoshoot took place during the weekend on busy Granville* street, so there really was no place for me to hide!

It’s easy go to a nervous place and talk yourself out of taking chances, but this was a great reminder of how rewarding putting yourself out there can be. Is there something you’ve been holding back on? I say go for it.

Top: JEXY & JAX (similar from Zara), Pants: Aritzia, Shoes: Adidas

*You may have already guessed, but these photos are not the ones from the shoot. I’ll do a follow up post as soon as I get them.

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